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Unleash all your creative visions, we will help you every step of the way...

FÄSFĒN Designs specializes in logo design services that can help you create a memorable impression and make your business stand out. FSFN MKT will guide you through the process of creating a logo that is eye-catching, high-impact, and original. We work through 1-on-1 personalized attention to ensure that your vision is realized, and you are left with a seamless result.

Let FÄSFĒN Marketing bring your design visions to life, contact us today!


We will meet for a virtual Q&A Consultation to begin our creative brainstorming. We conduct in-depth research to understand your business values and target audience. Analyze industry trends, competitors, and customer preferences to apply to the logo design strategy. Together, we will discuss:

  • Where you are at & where you are going

  • Discuss your vision, mission, values, target audience, key differentiators, competitor analysis, and goals

  • Discuss aesthetic likes and dislikes. This includes fonts, color, and style.

  • An Inspiration Board; create a board on Pinterest and share it with our team prior to our meeting date. This must show a clear visual design direction, typeface style, imagery, color variations, and any other image that may be helpful for the creative process 


We utilize our creative expertise to design a visually compelling logo that captures the essence of your brand. Incorporate thoughtful typography, color palette, and visual elements that resonate with your target audience. We will begin with:

  • Sketching 

  • Font research 

  • Color research

  • Image research

  • Color variation applications

  • Logo applications and variations

  • Turnaround times may vary


We give you a couple of days to reflect on our final design and make notes of any edits to the brand guidelines, fonts, colors, imagery, or any other details.​

* We work closely with you to finesse any design edits, for larger edits an hourly rate may apply

* Turnaround times may vary depending on the client's edits

After we have gotten the final approval from the client we will provide all the necessary files you need to begin applying your brand on print or digital projects. You will receive:

  • Brand Guidelines; how the use fonts, colors, logos, and imagery

  • Original Ai. Illustrator files and PDF 

  • Font files
  • Image files


After completing your Q&A, we will begin to do the research and develop a strategic approach for creating a logo that aligns with your business goals. Define the key attributes and values you want your logo to convey. Craft a unique and memorable logo concept. We will review:

  • Competitors Analysis

  • Industry trends

  • Color trends

  • Font trends

  • Image style variations


We present the logo designs to the client for review and feedback, we will showcase:

  • Design Brief

  • Research and studies

  • Sketches and process 

  • Color selections

  • Image and logo 

  • Mock-up examples


We deliver the final logo files in various formats and sizes for both print and digital use. We provide comprehensive logo guidelines that outline proper logo usage, colors, typography, and clear instructions for maintaining consistent branding. 

You will receive:

  • Logo Guide 

  • Original Ai. Illustrator files

  • Image variations RGB & CMYK for PNG, JPEG, SVG. (*Comes with a guide for use)


Kimberly Scott, MBA, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer

Liz was an invaluable member of our extended team at Genomic Life when we rebranded the organization. She was diligent in applying our new brand standards across literally hundreds of pieces of collateral. We could not have done it without her. She was a pleasure to work with as well and I hope we can work together again in the future.

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